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28 November 2022

Supporting Good Divorce Week 2022

2 mins

Join our Family and Matrimonial team as they discuss the different issues facing anyone contemplating a separation or divorce each day this week to mark Good Divorce Week 2022, a campaign spearheaded by Resolution.

Part one | Podcast: Good Divorce Week and ADR

Melissa Arnold and Maeve Lucey from the Bindmans Family and Matrimonial team begin their Good Divorce Week 2022 series by discussing what Good Divorce Week is, and why this annual campaign is so important, as well as providing an introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Part two | Blog: What is a ‘good’ divorce?

Our Family and Matrimonial team discuss what constitutes a ‘good’ divorce, as defined in the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 which came into effect on 6 April 2022, changing the landscape of divorce law for the first time in 50 years. They also discuss how the team is supporting this year’s Good Divorce Week, and the complementary divorce and separation consultations they are offering this week.

Part three | Podcast: FAQs around divorce procedure

In their next podcast, Melissa Arnold and Maeve Lucey discuss some frequently asked questions regarding no-fault divorce procedure, including what the new legislation entails, and how financial matters are dealt with.

Part four | Blog: Financial arrangements and the importance of taking legal advice

Whilst Good Divorce Week promotes an amicable divorce process that places any children front and centre, it’s also very important that separating couples make sensible choices about their finances, and that advice is taken early on to ensure they are able to make informed decisions about their future. Our Family and Matrimonial team look at how you can protect your financial interests during divorce in their next blog.

Part five | Podcast: Financial arrangements to consider alongside a divorce

In the final instalment of their Good Divorce Week 2022 series, Melissa Arnold and Maeve Lucey from the Bindmans Family and Matrimonial team discuss financial arrangements that might need to be made alongside a divorce.

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