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Our Medical Mondays hub is designed to provide up-to-date information on the different injuries, accidents, and claims that are commonly encountered by our Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury team


Suffering a serious injury through an accident that could have been avoided or through clinical negligence is devastating. In our Medical Mondays series, our Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury team will be raising awareness of the different injuries that can occur, the impact that accidents can have on individuals and their loved ones, and steps people can take to lower their risk of injury.

September, 2023


The loss of a limb can be life-changing, but prostheses can offer a solution for restoring bodily function or appearance.

August, 2023

Aids and equipment

There is a variety of assistance and equipment that can help make the lives of people who have suffered catastrophic and serious injuries a little easier, whilst encouraging and enabling independence.

July, 2023

Adapting homes to suit disabilities

Sustaining a disabling injury can be life-changing, with even the simplest of tasks becoming incredibly difficult.

June, 2023

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are a form of temporary or permanent damage to the spinal cord, which causes an individual to lose varying degrees of function and mobility.

April, 2023

Occupier’s liability claims

The law imposes a duty on occupiers towards their ‘visitors’, meaning that an occupier has a common duty of care towards a visitor. If you have suffered an injury on an occupier’s premises, you might be able to bring a claim.

March, 2023

Fatal accident claims

Fatal accident claims are a wide and potentially complicated area of law, and can be emotionally taxing to pursue for the dependants and bereaved family members.

February, 2023

Requesting medical records

Medical records are integral in proving whether there has been clinical negligence, and/or when assessing the severity of an injury.

January, 2023

Duty of candour, making a complaint and Serious Untoward Incident investigation reports

Unfortunately, mistakes made during medical treatment are not uncommon, but there are processes in place to ensure transparency with patients around any mistakes made, as well as formal complaints and incident investigation procedures.

Ophthalmic claims

Ophthalmic claims can be made following injury to the eye or sight loss that was caused by clinical negligence.

Surgical mistakes

Surgical mistakes happen when something goes wrong before, during, or after an operation. The consequences can be devastating, but you may be able to make a claim to compensate for the mistake made.

Sepsis claims

Serious accidents or medical negligence can sometimes lead to the loss of a limb. The consequences can be devastating but you may be able to make a claim to compensate for your loss.

Amputation claims

Serious accidents or medical negligence can sometimes lead to the loss of a limb. The consequences can be devastating but you may be able to make a claim to compensate for your loss.

August, 2022

Obstetrics and Gynaecology claims

Although bringing new life into the world should be an exciting and joyous time, in a minority of cases, complications and mistakes in diagnosis and treatment can happen during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

July, 2022

Cycling accident claims

Due to their vulnerability, cyclists frequently suffer serious, life-changing injuries when involved in an accident because a bike offers little protection during a collision.

June, 2022

Claims against GPs

As such, they need to understand a wide range of medicine and form a view upon appropriate treatment in a short space of time. Sadly, it is inevitable that mistakes will happen on occasion.

May, 2022

Brain injury

Brain injuries can have life-changing impacts for both the individual and their loved ones. A brain injury can be a result of an accident, or in some cases clinical negligence.

April, 2022

Accident and injuries at work claims

According to Health and safety statistics for Great Britain, 441,000 employees sustained a non-fatal injury whilst at work in 2020-21.

March, 2022

Birth injuries

Injuries sustained during childbirth can often result from substandard care, many don’t realise that they have a valid clinical negligence claim. Our team looks closely at claims in relation to Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, and Hypoglycemia.

February, 2022

Accident and Emergency cases

Accident and Emergency Departments provide critical care facilities for those most in need. Nurses and doctors in Accident and Emergency Departments are faced with complex medical challenges in unexpected and difficult circumstances.

January, 2022

Accidents in the gym

Gym owners and instructors have a legal responsibility to ensure that their premises are adequately safe for use of both gym users and workers.

December, 2021

Pressure sores

Pressure sores are not a new phenomenon yet they continue to plague the disabled, elderly, and chronically ill.

November, 2021

Road traffic accidents

We often see first-hand the devastating impact and lasting effect that road traffic accidents have on victims and their families. Each statistic is a life that has been impacted, some with very far-reaching consequences.

October, 2021

Orthopaedic injury claims

Orthopaedic injuries can range from relatively minor soft tissue injuries to very serious, catastrophic spinal cord damage and amputation.

Check back on the first Monday of the month for the next installment in our Medical Mondays series.

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