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Employment Law for Employees

Unfair Dismissal

Our specialist Employment Law team is nationally recognised for its work representing employees in difficult and complex unfair dismissal claims.

If you have been dismissed, or believe you may be in the near future, and you suspect that the reasons for your dismissal are unfair, disingenuous or made out on false grounds, you may have a claim for unfair dismissal. Our employment lawyers will offer you expert advice on your dismissal and help you to robustly defend your position.

A dismissal can take many forms and it is important to remember that you have the right to seek legal advice and representation whatever your circumstances may be, whether you have been subject to a disciplinary procedure, summarily dismissed, made redundant, or whatever other reason given by your employer for your dismissal, if any reason is given at all.

Our team of employment law solicitors also frequently advises on constructive dismissal claims. This is often a complex area of law, and we recommend that individuals seek legal advice where possible before resigning and claiming constructive dismissal.  

We understand that it is often preferable to attempt to deal with dismissal disputes without resorting to Employment Tribunal proceedings, and our Employment Law team have the legal know-how and strategic experience to defend your position in such a way. However, if you do need to go to the Employment Tribunal to enforce your employment rights, our solicitors are highly experienced in bringing and managing such litigation.

If your employer has dismissed you, or you feel you will likely soon be dismissed, it is important to act quickly. Seeking legal advice at your earliest opportunity is your best defence, as failing to do so could have significant consequences.

To get in touch with our solicitors please complete the enquiry form here. or call our Employment Law team on +44 (0)20 7833 4433.

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