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Corporate Manslaughter

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients in connection with all types of homicide investigations, including workplace-related deaths or deaths connected with the work of an organisation.

Our lawyers have represented individual and corporate clients in cases involving allegations of gross negligence manslaughter, unlawful act manslaughter and corporate manslaughter, including initial investigations, criminal proceedings and inquests.

The offence of corporate manslaughter was created by the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. Only organisations can be convicted of corporate manslaughter. 

If you would like advice in relation to a corporate manslaughter matter contact us now on +44 (0)20 7014 2020.

An organisation can be convicted of corporate manslaughter if it falls within the statutory definition of an organisation described by the Act and there was a gross breach of a  duty of care to the deceased, and the way in which its activities were managed or organised by its senior management was a substantial element in the breach, and the gross breach of the organisation’s duty caused or contributed to the death.

Often investigations will involve careful examination of the nature of any relevant duty of care and whether and how it was breached, the extent to which the breach caused or contributed to the death and the management and structure of the organisation and the way in which it supervised and carried out relevant activities.  

Any conviction for corporate manslaughter is likely to result in substantial fines and significant adverse publicity. Employees, directors and officers cannot be convicted of corporate manslaughter but they may be investigated for manslaughter, or health and safety offences. 

Bindmans are first class: they have meticulous preparation and the highest level of client care. Their support structure, in terms of staff to deal with the workload of large cases, is excellent. Bindmans thoroughly deserve their stellar reputation.

Chambers and Partners

Corporate manslaughter cases are investigated by the police and decisions to prosecute are made by specialist lawyers at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Our lawyers are recognised as leading lawyers in defending clients accused of the most serious criminal matters and we regularly deal with the specialist police and CPS units that are involved.

We can advise organisations or directors officers and employees from the moment an investigation commences through to the conclusion of the investigation. If prosecution can not be avoided we have a wealth of experience of defending in the most serious criminal proceedings. 

Lawyers at Bindmans are also able to provide clients with assistance in dealing with ancillary legal issues that might arise, such as employment law and media.


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