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Criminal Defence and Extradition

Criminal Court Representation

Our highly experienced team of criminal defence lawyers are able to provide high-quality advice and expert legal representation to individuals who are facing criminal charges.

We are well equipped to provide expert legal representation to clients in respect of all levels of criminal court proceedings, from the Magistrates Court to the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal. Our criminal defence solicitors are renowned for their skill, expertise, and proactive defence and will be at your side through the entire criminal trial process. 

Our lawyers will advise you about the charges, scrutinise prosecution evidence, and advise you on the appropriate plea. We will listen carefully to what you have to say about the allegations and prosecution case, and will gather defence evidence and material to support your case. Where appropriate our team of criminal defence solicitors will instruct independent expert witnesses and specialist counsel.

We are able to provide you with legal representation throughout the following aspects of the criminal trial process:


If you are charged with a criminal offence the police and then the Court will decide whether you should be released on bail, and if so, whether any conditions should be imposed. Our first-class criminal defence lawyers will prepare for bail applications by making sure that any concerns about bail can be addressed and, with your agreement, speak to family, friends and organisations that may be able to help put together a bail package. 

If you are concerned about bail being granted, or the conditions that may be required, get in touch with us.

Magistrates Court or Crown Court

Some cases can only be dealt with in the Magistrates Court, and some only in the Crown Court. This is dependent on the seriousness of the case or where the defendant chooses to be tried. The venue of the trial can be crucial and may also have cost implications. Our expert criminal defence lawyers will ensure that you fully understand your options and will guide you through this complex decision before you enter the courtroom.

Not guilty or guilty pleas

At the first hearing in the Magistrates Court you will be asked to indicate if you are pleading guilty or not guilty, you can also give no indication of plea at this stage. Our criminal defence lawyers will provide clear advice about the charges, evidence, and on the appropriate plea once they have taken your instructions and ensure you fully understand the implications of any decision made. Where appropriate our criminal defence lawyers will be able to negotiate with the prosecution for a lesser charge or a suitable basis of plea.

The trial

Our clients and their cases are at the centre of what we do. Our experienced criminal defence lawyers ensure that our client’s case is expertly prepared and that our client is fully prepared for the trial ahead.

We are skilled at locating witnesses and pursuing defence leads. We know that a carefully prepared defence is the key to obtaining the best outcome. We achieve this through pro-active defending, pursuing all defence leads, and obtaining as full prosecution and third-party disclosure as possible. We use our expertise and skill to secure full disclosure through negotiation with the prosecution or legal applications to the court. Outcomes are not only successful due to the evidence but also the strategy and tactics we employ.

Our criminal defence solicitors work with the best independent experts in the UK and abroad to ensure that the most compelling and reliable expert evidence is obtained where needed. We instruct highly skilled external counsel because we believe in briefing the best person for the job. Our excellent reputation means that top-class counsel are keen to work with us. Where the case raises legal issues in other jurisdictions we can instruct lawyers abroad to help advise.


Our expert criminal defence lawyers will work tirelessly to achieve the most lenient sentence. This may be through:

  • Negotiating the basis of plea
  • Obtaining supporting evidence
  • Drafting creative legal submissions 
  • Liaising with character witnesses, the probation service and health professionals
Confiscation orders

If the court orders confiscation of assets following a conviction we will:

  • Examine the application and advise on and prepare the s17 and s18 response
  • Gather evidence and instruct experts where appropriate
  • Advise on any legal or evidential challenges
  • Provide representation at the final hearing and any subsequent enforcement hearings
  • Advise on appeal and any subsequent variations

Our criminal defence solicitors understand that the outcome hoped for is not always achieved and will offer clear, expert and thorough advice on all stages of appeal, and advice on how to protect your reputation and future prospects in the event of an adverse decision.

Ancillary orders

At the conclusion of some cases, ancillary orders may apply which have consequences if breached. Our expert team of criminal defence lawyers will ensure these are no more onerous than necessary, are clearly defined and proportionate.

The most common ancillary orders include:

  • Criminal behaviour orders
  • Compensation orders
  • Confiscation orders
  • Deprivation orders
  • Disqualification from driving
  • Drink banning orders
  • Disqualification from being a company director
  • Financial reporting order
  • Parenting orders
  • Restitution orders
  • Restraining orders
  • Serious crime prevention order (Crown Court only)
  • Sexual harm prevention orders
Regulatory considerations

If you work in a regulated sector, criminal proceedings and outcomes may have an impact on your regulatory position. Our criminal defence solicitors have expertise in advising and defending in Regulatory proceedings.

What others say

They are among the best in the market – the quality of all those working across the team is exceptionally high.

Chambers and Partners 2021

A first-rate criminal defence firm,’ says one interviewee, adding that ‘it is clear that the lawyers think deeply about the issues and strategy on a case’.

Chambers and Partners 2021

They are very good at what they do’, says a source, adding: ‘They are very thorough in terms of research and case preparation’.

Chambers and Partners 2021

The team is excellent and puts so much effort into each case.

Chambers and Partners 2021

Bindmans are second to none in their commitment to achieving social justice and providing an exceptional standard of representation. They have real strength in depth in terms of the quality of their lawyers and the quality of their case preparation is a cut above competitors.

Legal 500 2021

Pre-eminent team that offers in-depth experience across all areas of criminal law. Particularly well versed in representing individuals charged with highly serious offences, including murder and terrorism. Offers niche expertise in acting for journalists and those charged with public order offences, drawing on additional strength in human rights issues.

Chambers and Partners 2019

One of the top-tier firms in the country undertaking criminal work. A well-oiled organisation – they know exactly what they are doing.

Chambers and Partners 2019

‘Exceptional’ Bindmans LLP ‘always goes the extra mile in every case’. The firm deals with serious crime matters such as murder, fraud, terrorism and extradition, specialising in cases with human rights aspects. It represents high-profile individuals such as politicians, journalists and other professionals. The team has ‘excellent client and litigation skills and prepares cases thoroughly’, it is led by ‘level-headed’ Katie Wheatley.

Legal 500 2019

To get in touch with our criminal defence lawyers please use the details below. If you need emergency assistance outside of office hours please call our out of hours phone number.


+44 (0)20 7305 5638

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